I am Léon

I am a digital designer delivering elegant solutions to complex problems

About me
I use design thinking to solve problems, delight users, and achieve business goals. 
I apply my skills to all things digital. From websites and apps through to enterprise software, I strive to make the complex simple and to shine a light on personality.
I believe a deep understanding of purpose and user need are necessary to design effective solutions. My process is to research, analyse, ideate, prototype and refine. I use my passion for beauty, and my skills of analysis, to produce clear and engaging user experiences. 
I like order. I seek to create it wherever I can. In my work I design solutions that create order. To the amusement of my family, I do much the same at home. 
My approach is collaborative. I love working closely with clients, stakeholders, users and team members to deliver the best possible outcome.
Also, I like steam trains.

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